Best Butt Exercises for Women to Get Curvy Butt

Wanting a toned butt? Well, I know you do because I get so many emails from woman who wish they did! Read this article to learn about the best butt exercises for women. Before you go and pump out a thousand squats in a vain attempt to get a great feminine curvy butt, you need to know a few important points regarding fat loss and weight training. These points are nothing ground breaking, but they are very important. So read them!

To get a toned muscle you need to lose fat. We all should know this by now. A toned muscle is one that has little fat covering it so it looks hard and tight and defined. You cannot get toned muscles by making them big alone. If you struggle to put on weight but still want a more feminine butt, then fat loss should not even be in your vocabulary and you should focus on exercises that target the butt.

Don’t fall for that ‘less reps for toning’ rubbish

It is a load of lies. If anyone tells you that you should do more reps with less weight if you want to tone their muscles storm out of there and never go back!

To tone your muscles you need to do two things: increase the size and lose the fat that is covering them. It is not magic and it is not rocket science.

Perform the best butt exercises at least two times per week

When I refer to butt exercises, what I mean is an exercise that targets the butt really well. It is a little bit misleading to say an exercise tones the butt because it doesn’t. It is part of the puzzle but not the only thing you need to do.

However, we all know some exercises are better than others. For example, we now know that a full sit up is not as good as a crunch for developing the abs. Why? Because it doesn’t target the abs as much. That is really the key for a good exercise – how well it targets the muscles.

Here are a few of the best butt exercises for women that will create a sexy feminine butt.

Weighted Lunges

The lunge is old news as far as glutes training goes but it is a goodie. Make sure your step forward isn’t too large and that you warm up well first. Make sure you feel the lunge as you go down and make sure it is hitting all the right places.

Weighted Step Ups

Stepping up onto a bench with a weight has surprised me at how effective it really can be. Make sure that bench is stable though and your weight is not too heavy. Be careful to keep your posture correct with this one and do not struggle too much to step up. Take it slowly.

Jumping Squats

I know I always am on about these but they rock for developing your lower body. They are so hard and so tiring that most people overlook them. Big mistake! If you want a toned lower body you must get into these.

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roxy September 25, 2011 at 2:35 pm

im super skinny, and right after i had my son i thought i looked perfect i was a size 5, but now a year later im back to a 0-1! what happened? i dont want to look toned, i just want to be bigger again. nice and soft and curvy looking, especially the lower half, legs and butt, but none of that nasty muscley look with a six pack, women arent supposed to look like that! how do i put on the weight and go up in size, without getting any kind of manly muscle tone? help! i want to look like a woman again!

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